Tuesday, June 3, 2008

shut up bitch!!!

tracey schleirn is my step mom but she is more like a step bitch that you wish would fall off a tall cliff. LOL tonight she was yelling at me cuz i didnt feel like taking a bath! its not a big deal if i dont take one every second! people dont need to take a bath every single day!! i took one on monday night and then went to school and didnt even move around or play outside. i didnt have gym or anything! my most hated thing in the world is when you take a bath and dont do anything and then people will tell you to take one the next day or the day after!!! i hate when people do that! i also hate when people always ask me about how i am doing. like my aunts and stuff will ask how my school is and how i am doing. IF YOU WANNA KNOW HOW MY SCHOOL IS CALL MY PRINCIPLE AND ASK HIM YOURSEFL BITCH! AND IF YOU WANNA KNOW HOW I AM DOING DONT ASK ME JUST LOOK AT ME AND THEN TRY TO THINK HOW I AM DOING! people just need to know that baths are not that important and you shouldnt make someone take a bath. its like being a slave. its like the civil war wen black people were made to work in coal mines and stuff and abraham lincholn made them work in fields and whipped them. that is what having someone tell u to take a bath is like! so if u are reading this and someone tells u to take a bath u should tell them this - ur not even my real mom and i didnt even have gym today so suck an egg!

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Dan said...

congrats on your blogger award from we bleed teal!