Tuesday, June 17, 2008

aiden daniels

u guys know aiden needs to get dick punched. i hate when kids tell on kids. most kids know that parents are the bad guys and that kids should help kids. aiden daniels is not a kid. he is a faget. most of all the kids iin school know it cuz everyone saw it today.
i was in the bathrrom and kev too for lunch. i had to piss so i took open my pants and just started. then kev was pissing by me in the toilet and i was standing outside in the urenal. then i see some yellow pee coming at my shoe like a river. HA. kev was peeing on the floor and was luaghing like jason when mrs. bedoix caught him last friday. but kevs pee was going everywhere so i started to pee on hte wall to join into the time. my pee was going right down the wall and on hte floor. then i knew how cool it would be to do a sink piss. so i kind of slide over to the sink and started to finish my pee in it. then aiden daniels comes into the bathrrom looking like a gay kid with a gay face and dumb brown shorts on. he sees all the pee through his gay glasses and just yells for mr. neemer who is at lunch period today. aiden didnt even ask us if we did he just saw pee and kev and then me standing at the sink with my shorts down. what a faget. so then neemer is all mad and was in bitchzone. i didnt even hear it though cuz i just thought about how many times i will kill aiden for being sooooo gay. i hope aidens dad gets shot by a rocket and then aiden go to the hospital and visits him and then the whole hospital turns into a giant lion and murders his dad. then aiden is crying and then a fat man just laughs and then bites off aidens head and eats it whole. that is what i want. its the last week of school and aiden is doing this stuff to us. kevs parents are mad and my dad and tracey schleirn are in total bitchzone. if my wii is taken away for the summer then aiden daniels is gonna get his whole dick punched and his soul will be fed to a bobcat. i am so sick of tattlers and dicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

aiden daniels needs his pubes dipped in gasoline and set on fire. what a raging homo

KMAC said...