Tuesday, January 19, 2010


April 21, 1996 - June 5, 2009

Young Jeffrey Paswick's life was cut short by an AARP sniper this summer while petitioning for children's rights in Washington, D.C. Though Jeffrey only lived 13 short years, he accomplished more than most adults. He hosted this web-site which drew visitors from over 10 continents. Through his tireless efforts to establish later bed-times, more recess and climate change to increase snow days, Jeffrey has ensured that kids everywhere no longer have to live by the rules of adults.
Shortly before Jeffrey's death he signed a 5 year agreement with President Barrack Obama to establish a small "kid community" in northeast Montana. This community would cater to kids and permit no one over 14 to enter the city limits. Jeffrey was to act as mayor of this glorious city, but obviously things have changed. Thankfully, I have agreed to continue the fight and take up Jeffrey's cause. May his spirit live on in the hearts and minds of all kids, and may every adult on earth be speared by a full-grown narwhal and driven to the depths of the sea to bitter cold grave.

- K-Mac