Thursday, May 29, 2008

boston market

tonight we went to boston market. my dad peter and his wife tracey schleirn went and so did heather and derrick. but derrick is a baby so he sat in a high kid chair. derrick is proly the dumbest baby ever. we all some of that corn bread but derrick cant cuz he doesnt even know how to chew stuff without chooking and proly dying. it would be a funny thing to feed him some jolly ranchers or maybe some cool gobstopers. LOL
i ate soooo much chicken tonight and i was also drinking a lot of dr peper cuz its my fav. i was just eating my food and eating mac and cheese and then trever harrel came inot boston market with his dumb dad and wierd looking mom. trever is in my home class room and he is all into motorcycles and all kinds of gay stuff. he has no gb advance and no wii and he proly doesnt even know what a nunchuk is. LOL his dad is the same but his mom is different cuz she is like from mexico or like a taco place. trever rides dirtbikes all the time and says it is cool. kev and me think its cool to think about throwin a ninja star right through his forhead.
my dad peter and tracey schelirn were arguing all dinner about my school marks and how heather smokes and prolly does sex with boys and prolly about how dumb derrick is. derrick is defa going to be on a dumb kid bus cuz he is just so dumb. he alredy seems like retard cuz he will just stare at lights or stare at you and then just smile!!!!! he was doing it tonight and then he burpd and threw up all over himself that KID IS AN IDIOT! at least hes better than trever. a cool prank would be to send derrick to my memas house in a little box. i would poke some holes in it with a sword so he could breathe but i would poke em after i put him in the box. HAHAHAHAHAHa J/K . the corn is fuck good!! but i could see it in my poop.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cool pranks

hey fans, tonight i did a cool prank to my bitch bitch sister heather. i was trying to stay up in my room and watch the hockey game late but she told on me. my dumb dad was dumb and he was mad too. so i had to go to bed. but i turned it back on but heather heard it and told again. then my dad was reall really mad! he took my tv out and put it downstaits. i was so maddddddddd. i was gonna prank heather good then.
i went in my basement and got some rope of a clothes string and some duck tape. then i went upstairs and tied the rope on her door handle. i could hear her talking about gay dick stuff in her room on her moto. i wrapped the door handle and rope in duck tape and then tried to tie it off to my door handle but it wouldnt reach. i needed something to tie it so then i woke up derrick. he was just laying there in his crib like a ass and i took him. then i tied the rope around his waist and duck tape it on real good. i put him right in front of my door and made the rope tite. then i went to the garage again and got some matches and my dads gas can. i came up and poured some gas around her door and then took some steps back. then i did the magic. i pushed play on my ihome and nickelback was soo oloud. heather screamed to turn it down and i said MAKE ME!!!!! then i heard her door open and i threw a match towards her door. when she opend her door quick she pulled derrick right into the gas. the second the match hit it derrick was on fire and crying like a baby. heather was all pissed and came at me. but i was ready. i pulled out a plasma rifle and shoot a hole right in her face. my dad and tracey came running up the steps to see what happened but i was ready too. i blew my whisel and 6 lions ran out of a cage and atacked them. dad died quick but tracey had a assalt rifel and killed them. she was out of bullits and tried to stab me but i had one more grenade left and i threw it down her throat. then i smiled and counted to 3 and she blew up into a million billion chunks. i was a adult now and the lead of the house.
this story is not all real but i had a dream kind of like this some day on a night.

Friday, May 23, 2008


one day a kid named beeker dick was born in a tree house with his mom flower boobs and his dad named a dick face. beeker was a cool kid and he never got punched by any kids and he always punched kids in the face accept for girls he just had sex with them in awesome places like his bed and a cool tree fort he built on his planet called ass ass 22. on ass ass 22 peoples just would travel around by pooping and their poop power would move them on hte ground and around the town. beeker was different cuz he didnt have a butt hole and he would just walk around. all the kids made fun of him but then one day he saw a hot babe called bessie and beeker got a hard weener. all the kids were stuned and beeker started going wild. he was boncing around hte town only using his weener like a pogo stick. everyone was clapping and someone even killed a guy just for fun.
everyone was having the best day of ever and beeker was just bouncing around the vilage. he shot off a bench, then a car and then a little kid's head. but the kid was like a baby and had a weak head and beekers dick went right into the kids head. but beeker didnt know that hte kid had a brain made of lava and it melted his dick on to the kids head. he couldnt get the kid off his dick. they then lived like that forever and were good friends. beeker would pee right into his brain and the little kid would just smile like a good kid.
this story is FAKE! and if someone thinks it is real DO NOT tell a parent about it or even a worse principel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry fans

fans i am sorry. i was not a good writer and i did not come on my blog. it was not my fault my a kid that i am sure u all know. some people dont keep a thing to them self and then people freak out about stuff. i am going to try to make new posts a lot cuz i was thinking about a lot of cool stuff. i think i might make my blog have to make people sign up to read it cuz some peeps are rude and dont know how to be nice to a kid in their same grade. DICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK