Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cool pranks

hey fans, tonight i did a cool prank to my bitch bitch sister heather. i was trying to stay up in my room and watch the hockey game late but she told on me. my dumb dad was dumb and he was mad too. so i had to go to bed. but i turned it back on but heather heard it and told again. then my dad was reall really mad! he took my tv out and put it downstaits. i was so maddddddddd. i was gonna prank heather good then.
i went in my basement and got some rope of a clothes string and some duck tape. then i went upstairs and tied the rope on her door handle. i could hear her talking about gay dick stuff in her room on her moto. i wrapped the door handle and rope in duck tape and then tried to tie it off to my door handle but it wouldnt reach. i needed something to tie it so then i woke up derrick. he was just laying there in his crib like a ass and i took him. then i tied the rope around his waist and duck tape it on real good. i put him right in front of my door and made the rope tite. then i went to the garage again and got some matches and my dads gas can. i came up and poured some gas around her door and then took some steps back. then i did the magic. i pushed play on my ihome and nickelback was soo oloud. heather screamed to turn it down and i said MAKE ME!!!!! then i heard her door open and i threw a match towards her door. when she opend her door quick she pulled derrick right into the gas. the second the match hit it derrick was on fire and crying like a baby. heather was all pissed and came at me. but i was ready. i pulled out a plasma rifle and shoot a hole right in her face. my dad and tracey came running up the steps to see what happened but i was ready too. i blew my whisel and 6 lions ran out of a cage and atacked them. dad died quick but tracey had a assalt rifel and killed them. she was out of bullits and tried to stab me but i had one more grenade left and i threw it down her throat. then i smiled and counted to 3 and she blew up into a million billion chunks. i was a adult now and the lead of the house.
this story is not all real but i had a dream kind of like this some day on a night.

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