Wednesday, March 26, 2008

penuings sux!

last nite my dad peter finally did something dadlike and brought me to a hockye game for the devils. the devils rock. my dads wife tracy schleirn rect our car so we had to take the NJ transit bus. we had to leave 4 hours before the game start and we got there at the start of the 2nd period. we didn't even see a goal. martin brodeur is the best and he is good. he is also my favorite devil. penguins = vaginas.
the devils played the vaginas from pittsburg and the vaginas actually beat us.
no one even cheered for the devils and my dad peter almost got into a fight with a lady. we were playing I SPY during the game because it was soooooo boring, and my dad said he spyed "some great tits". i looked everywhere but they were actually right in front of us and the lady found them first cuz they were her tits. the usher told us to leave, and we started to get up. then we just sat back down when we thought he was gone. but he never left and told us to please leave. so then we did. but my dad peter thought of a cool idea. we didnt miss much of the game cuz we sat in the bathroom toilets and listened to the game. but a fat guy came into the toilet by us and made a big shit that smelled so bad. i wish i knew his name so i could blog it and he would either a. lose his girl b. lose his job or c. lose his life from cancer or like a really bad car accident. the vaginas won 2-0 and we went home on the bus. we got home at 2am after riding the bus thru "blacksville" that my dad called it. cuz there were black people there. my dad said it was the worst night ever and that he would probs have to make it up to tracy schleirn somehow. i fell asleep to the sound of that fat slob getting her vagina sucked by my dad peter. i hate the penguins.

Friday, March 14, 2008

penis ass!

hey dorkzoids! i am coming live from the library!! LOL
Chris - i am still grounded this weekend and be careful what u send me on IM because my dad saw! ass! i don't even know who you are!

i am not allowed on the net at home, but on next week i am allowed to be. so get ready to get killed!!!!!! me and kev are going to burn more stuff and tape more great vids for our fans! lol

seacrest fuck out!

Monday, March 10, 2008


i am back. but may be not for long. me and kev got in trouble for the fire. i have to go but here are some pics. if any one knows how to post a video please tell me. here are the pics:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

shit fire

ok people, i like the fan comments, but some of them are freaking weird! i got 2 ims yesterday from people i dont know! and they wouldnt tell there name! if someone does it again they are gonna be murderd by me and kev.
that is a fact and we will kill your dog. and if u dont have a dog we will adopt a dog for you and then we will kill it once u love it!!!!!!!!!!! lol

anyways, today me and kev saw some cool stuff to light on fire. so in an hour we are gonna ride our bikes to manson park and light the out house on fire. kev was laughing so hard thinking about it. it going to smell like shit for a mile. i want to video it and post the video here on my website for you fans to watch. that would be cool. i wish fire was good for people. i also hope to post the vidoe of kev taking a dump.

sorry :(

sorry for no new post yesterday. i will make one today.

girl that left a comment to me: my name is jeffrey paswick. i read your blog on sunday.

i have school now. bye fans.

here is a cool narwhal pic i found on its a good site for narwhal information and pics. enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

thanks! :)

fans i just saw some messages from my fans. here they are:

Greg said...
I feel ya buddy, same thing happened to me. My parents are gross too!
March 3, 2008 10:57 AM

Dan said...
oh man that reminds me of the time i walked in on my parents having a threesome. that was 12 years ago. i'm still going to therapy 4 days a week................
March 3, 2008 1:32 PM

Cory said...
You probably have the best blog on the internet. Keep on raging my man. I'm can't wait to hear some more stories.
March 3, 2008 1:40 PM

zack said...
PAZWICK! u are my main man and i hope one day we can meet up and write a movie. if you wanna be my friend IM me on AIM at MartyMcFly21.
March 3, 2008 3:23 PM

thanks fans. i dont know how u found my website but i hope you like it. :)
greg - thanks isnt it SICK!??!!?!
dan - thanks
cory - thanks i have alot of cool storys and i will write them soon
zach - my name is PASWICK! no Z! thanks for your message but i am a kid.

fagot izzo and fat bill

fagot izzo and fat bill went to the principl today for the bus fight. bill was crying, but i dont know why cuz he has no dad to yell at him. his dad moved last year. and his mom cant hit hard cuz she is like 100 ponds. i wonder why bill is fat. she is hot and she looks like paris hilton but bills mom has red hair and she is like a mexicen or something. paris is soooooooo hot, kev got a calendar of her for xmas and i look at it when i go to his room. i wish i had a calendar with babes on it. i know a real hot girl. i dont want to make her feel dumb when she reads this, so i am going to name her A.T. she is next door naybors to kev and she has brown hair and is in 8th grade. she is old so her boobs are big. last summer kev told me about when he saw them. he saw her laying in her yard and she took her swimsuit off to let her boobs get darker. kev saw her nippels and they were like teh size of my head. kev said my head, but his head is like the same size. in the night we camped out in his backyard and had binocckculers but we didnt see her. we did see fat bill's mom having sex with zachs dad. bills dad saw too. that is prolly why fat bill is crying today.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


kev ate flipper's poop like 1 hr ago. kev lives on meridian and flipper is his neighbor's dog!!!!! he ate it, but not the whole thing so he doesn't get $3.
keep this video secret.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

parents.......... :(

ok so now my parents are real mad abuot brian izzo and they are like going to murdre me. my dad and tracy schleirn gave a talk to me and now i cant see kev for the weeknd. it does not bother me cause we have been playing super smash brothers brawl all day on wii. some dumb kid was bieng yoshii and kev and me told him that his dad is going to die. LOLOL he started to cry like a penis. we really got him good cause his dad actually did die like 2 days ago. hahahaha. dead.
so tonight i went into my dad's room to ask if i can go to kev's tomorow and it was SICK!!!!!! fat tracy schlerin was laying on my dad's bed and my dad had his face in her vagina!!! he was like eating it!!!! tracy looked like a fat hefer and she was eating a peice of pumpkin pie. i ran to my room and lockd it and then they were pounding on it to come in. i just told them to go to hell and then turned good charlote up to 40 on my ipod. this is a pic of the sick fat tracy