Wednesday, May 20, 2009

magic tricks

once upon of time there was a magical kid named ezkiel who was a complete wizard. he knwe all kinds of sorcerry and mahgic tricks. when he was 1 year old he made his mom disappear and when he was 2 he turned his dad into a wii. he always played wii but he was sad cuz he couldnt make enough money selling rubies and jewels to buy some new wii games. the only game he had was original medal of honor.
one day he decided to use his powers to get some more money. the first thing he did was murder a adult because he knew he could use its blood for some potion. so he put a dictionary on top of a bear trap and then snuck into a hiding place behind a tree to wait for a adult. the first adult who saw the dictionary stepped right into his trap and was cut right in half like a total dickkkkkkkkkkkk. ezkiel was laughing but then he picked up hte blood and went back to his room. the next thing he needed was a monkey's dick. so he went to the zoo and hired a zoo keeper to cut off the dick for $20. the next thing he needed was hte hardest. he need a whole milk jug full of diarrhea from a baby. ezkiel didnt know any babies and he knew he couldnt make one. he went to the hospital and tried to collect some diarrhea from the babies but they all had on diapers.
the next thing he did was take off the diapers and then he told the babys to take a dump. only one of the babies named david did. the other ones just cried or slept. this made ezkiel made so he hired an inventor named dr. fucktubs to make a diarrhea machine. the machine was done in 2 hgours and hten ezkiel hooked it up to the asses of hte babies. everything was going totally good until all of hte sudden a bolt shot off the machine and killed a nurse. then the machine went bonkers!!!!!! bolts were flying and mini lightning and sparks and all kinds of scary shit. then suddenly the machine started to get real big and a smart adult yelled "go run you kids and nurses and get the babies and doctors run to! run you dicks!!!"
everyone ran but one adult and a kid were deaf so they never heard. all of the sudden the diarrhea machine exploded and every adult in the hospital died of diarrhea posioning. everyone was sad, except for the kids. a real nice kid had stole a bunch of cookie ice cream sandwiches from the hospital and gave them to the kids.