Wednesday, March 5, 2008

shit fire

ok people, i like the fan comments, but some of them are freaking weird! i got 2 ims yesterday from people i dont know! and they wouldnt tell there name! if someone does it again they are gonna be murderd by me and kev.
that is a fact and we will kill your dog. and if u dont have a dog we will adopt a dog for you and then we will kill it once u love it!!!!!!!!!!! lol

anyways, today me and kev saw some cool stuff to light on fire. so in an hour we are gonna ride our bikes to manson park and light the out house on fire. kev was laughing so hard thinking about it. it going to smell like shit for a mile. i want to video it and post the video here on my website for you fans to watch. that would be cool. i wish fire was good for people. i also hope to post the vidoe of kev taking a dump.


Dan said...

why don't you leave a bag of flaming poo at brian izzo's doorstep?

Dan said...

you have not posted in days. where are the updates?