Monday, March 3, 2008

fagot izzo and fat bill

fagot izzo and fat bill went to the principl today for the bus fight. bill was crying, but i dont know why cuz he has no dad to yell at him. his dad moved last year. and his mom cant hit hard cuz she is like 100 ponds. i wonder why bill is fat. she is hot and she looks like paris hilton but bills mom has red hair and she is like a mexicen or something. paris is soooooooo hot, kev got a calendar of her for xmas and i look at it when i go to his room. i wish i had a calendar with babes on it. i know a real hot girl. i dont want to make her feel dumb when she reads this, so i am going to name her A.T. she is next door naybors to kev and she has brown hair and is in 8th grade. she is old so her boobs are big. last summer kev told me about when he saw them. he saw her laying in her yard and she took her swimsuit off to let her boobs get darker. kev saw her nippels and they were like teh size of my head. kev said my head, but his head is like the same size. in the night we camped out in his backyard and had binocckculers but we didnt see her. we did see fat bill's mom having sex with zachs dad. bills dad saw too. that is prolly why fat bill is crying today.

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