Friday, May 23, 2008


one day a kid named beeker dick was born in a tree house with his mom flower boobs and his dad named a dick face. beeker was a cool kid and he never got punched by any kids and he always punched kids in the face accept for girls he just had sex with them in awesome places like his bed and a cool tree fort he built on his planet called ass ass 22. on ass ass 22 peoples just would travel around by pooping and their poop power would move them on hte ground and around the town. beeker was different cuz he didnt have a butt hole and he would just walk around. all the kids made fun of him but then one day he saw a hot babe called bessie and beeker got a hard weener. all the kids were stuned and beeker started going wild. he was boncing around hte town only using his weener like a pogo stick. everyone was clapping and someone even killed a guy just for fun.
everyone was having the best day of ever and beeker was just bouncing around the vilage. he shot off a bench, then a car and then a little kid's head. but the kid was like a baby and had a weak head and beekers dick went right into the kids head. but beeker didnt know that hte kid had a brain made of lava and it melted his dick on to the kids head. he couldnt get the kid off his dick. they then lived like that forever and were good friends. beeker would pee right into his brain and the little kid would just smile like a good kid.
this story is FAKE! and if someone thinks it is real DO NOT tell a parent about it or even a worse principel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good to have you back Jeff, another classic for the ages.