Thursday, May 29, 2008

boston market

tonight we went to boston market. my dad peter and his wife tracey schleirn went and so did heather and derrick. but derrick is a baby so he sat in a high kid chair. derrick is proly the dumbest baby ever. we all some of that corn bread but derrick cant cuz he doesnt even know how to chew stuff without chooking and proly dying. it would be a funny thing to feed him some jolly ranchers or maybe some cool gobstopers. LOL
i ate soooo much chicken tonight and i was also drinking a lot of dr peper cuz its my fav. i was just eating my food and eating mac and cheese and then trever harrel came inot boston market with his dumb dad and wierd looking mom. trever is in my home class room and he is all into motorcycles and all kinds of gay stuff. he has no gb advance and no wii and he proly doesnt even know what a nunchuk is. LOL his dad is the same but his mom is different cuz she is like from mexico or like a taco place. trever rides dirtbikes all the time and says it is cool. kev and me think its cool to think about throwin a ninja star right through his forhead.
my dad peter and tracey schelirn were arguing all dinner about my school marks and how heather smokes and prolly does sex with boys and prolly about how dumb derrick is. derrick is defa going to be on a dumb kid bus cuz he is just so dumb. he alredy seems like retard cuz he will just stare at lights or stare at you and then just smile!!!!! he was doing it tonight and then he burpd and threw up all over himself that KID IS AN IDIOT! at least hes better than trever. a cool prank would be to send derrick to my memas house in a little box. i would poke some holes in it with a sword so he could breathe but i would poke em after i put him in the box. HAHAHAHAHAHa J/K . the corn is fuck good!! but i could see it in my poop.

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