Wednesday, June 25, 2008


one day a baby named patrick elias was born. he came out of his mom wearing some fast ice skates and he cut her open and she died then. patrick had his dad raise him and his dad was called penis elias. penis taught patrick elias everything he knew about being cool and sex. patrick elias liked having sex but he also liked to play hockey. so he most of the time played that. one day penis took him on a fish trip into the ocean and they were fishing for some sharks and cool stuff. penis caught a small motuh bass and was jumping around. patrick elias didnt catch anything and he was so fucking mad. he took out a harpon gun and shot penis right in the head. the arrow was poisionis to and penis died 2 days later. patrick elias wrapped penis in a devils blanket and dumped him inot the ocean. penis was dead. all the sudden a baby narwhal named pica floated up by patrick elias. pica asked patrick how old he was and some other shit. then they were friends and patrick elias rode a narwhal all the way to china. when he was there he taught all the china people to not play karate and to play hockey and to not have weird eyes but to have some normal eyes like humans. every china person loved patrick elias and pica and they all had sex together and everyone was smiling like the sun. then on a sad day pica got ated by a few bears that swam into the lagoon were pica was sleeping. patrick elias woke up late but he killed some bears but the bears ate picas brain first so he was dead. patrick elias was so sad that he took a gun and shot himself in the face. he died in 5 days.

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