Thursday, June 26, 2008

derek jeter is not a dorkzoid!

hey fans i am not ending my blog! no adults can stop me and i am allouded to talk about anything in the world! even if dickkkkks try to stop me but they wont! fans u need to know that its not only the devs that i like but u know i like the yanks and i like derek jeter. if u are dumb u dont know that derek jeter plays short stop and he is nubmer 2 and he is white/black/taco bell. people at school who say i dont know him are dorkzoids. i dont know him like on wii or something but i met him at the grove mall after christmas and he signed a baseball for me. peter took me and i got his sign on the ball and he asked me how i am doing and i was gonna say something funny but i didnt think of a funny thing to say and then i just kind of made a noise. it was dumb but i still met him and he said something to me. most of you are too poor or dumb to met derek jeter. if i met him now i would be readyy to talk to him and make him laugh just like the fans on my site. i would like hey man i like ur balls or say something like hey david do u like my site? or i might ask him who are the dorkzoids on the team or maybe i would just tell him that i wish he fucked my mom to make me so i would have a cool dad and not a dumb dad that works at chase bank being a dick. plus i bet derek jeter wouldnt marry a mom who would dye when she birth a kid! last night me and kmac watched my #1 derek jeter and kmac loves arod but i think he is my #2. he hits good now but he has a taco bell name but looks like a michael jordan kind of guy. we didnt get to drink any beers last night because we were at my crib and not kmacs. kmacs dad will some times let us drink a beer when we watch sports with him. he is a mets fan. he says its what real guys will do and some day when i can i will prob drink 2 or 3 beers in one hour. i have been drunk prolly about 6 times but i only threw up 3 times. the most beers i drank ever were 2 beers in one night. i was sooooooooooo sick and really drunk and threw up in my room on the floor. everytime i get really drunk i always try to have sex but no girls are ever around and its just me and kmac. david wirght is a faget.

p.s. fans i dont know where tracey and my dad are but no peeps came home yet.............. i will prolly delete the blog when i hear them come home. thanks 4 the luv fans.


Mr. Plank said...

hey jeff, no problem. hope everything turns out okay.

- jason from we bleed teal

Anonymous said...

what a legend.

Anonymous said...


D said...

JP, let me know when u r ungrounded man. i hope ur site stays up because its funny man.


Anonymous said...

update your site dummy