Friday, June 20, 2008

heather lynn paswick

hi fans so i chose to right about heather for my site and talk about how she is a bitch slut. heather is my sister and is related to me but tracy schleirn is not her mom either. only derrick came out of her vagina my real good mom died when i was born. i dont remember her though. heather didnt kill her and she has brown hair but usually it looks ugly. she smokes too and she thinks she is hot. her boobs are ok and i saw them before caus she was having sex with eric tessler in my room. my dad killed him and we buried him at manson park under 2nd base, but jason r found him. LOL.
these are things that makes heather a slut and a bitch
1 she had sex with eric tessler in my room
2 she hates wii
3 she doesnt play video games
4 i saw her boobs but i didnt like them
5 she smokes
6 triffy told me that r.t. had sex with her too
7 she tells me i am a faget but i dont like dicks and she does
8 she is a faget
9 she waers slut cloths and shit
10 she should be a senoir
the best thing that makes her a bitch is a story from before. last year we went to my aunt joe annes in wickatunk and i was swimming with our cosusins but heather was not. she was just sitting by the pool in a black shirt and black pants. she was a goth kid then and tracey schleirn said jesus didnt love her. jesus loves her now cuz she doesnt put eye make up on her lips. she was just sitting on the side of the pool like a dorkzoid why i was swim around and playing. i told my uncle john that she was being a bitch faget and we should throw her in. so he ran up and pushd her into the pool. she was swearing at him and real loud and she was walking out of the pool. that is when i saw it and it was sick. there was sick red bleeding blood coming all out of her dick area/vagina. it was like all over the place and coming right at me. deardra is my cousin and she is 5 and she was in a little raft thing and was a dumb kid so she couldnt get away. she was all in blood and shit. heather was crying and i was so afrid of the blood and shit. the whole water was red and everyone in our family was laughing so hard. heather was going to kill herself and she said it. all these seagulls came to the pool and they dove in the blood and were like drinking it. eveyone was throwing up hard. i never saw heather have a period again in my whole life. my dad peter said she just had a cut on her leg. my dad is fucking liar!!!!!!!!!!!!! every 2 weeks a girls vagina will bleed and you can learn it in a health class or from a doctor. i am a kid but not a baby or a faget.

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Fred Buggleson said...

Sup dude - your blogs been sucking. Sweet monkey puppet though!