Thursday, June 26, 2008


i dont know if i should delete my site! some fans said i might be in for shit from my dickkkkkkkks! vote on my vote thing and help! i might be able to e-mail kmac my posts and he could add them to my site so my dick adults dddont know! y is a yes and n is a no.

dan -thanks for ur email but i dont know what to do!!!!!


Paz4life! said...


You are no doubt in big trouble. You're looking at 2-3 months without a Wii and internet use.

I'd suggest spinning it as you are a tech savvy kid who knows how to creatively express frustration in a non-physically-violent way.

Also you may want to research the 1st amendment.

ryan c said...

jeff, its ryan. sorry about ur mom finding ur website. i still think u should keep it. let me know if u want to play basketball at my house this summer.