Wednesday, June 18, 2008

chocolate penut butter pops

my step mom tracey schleirn is proly the most bitch girl ever but today she is only a slut. she bought some chocolate penut butter pops for me and i had them for brekfast. they are so taste good. i ate em before school and then i am eating some right now. peter isnt home yet so i put some hersheys on them too with no milk to add some good taste to them. i am eating them.
i hate when adults buy dumb cereal that is good for kids. they just dont think about it. kids are only kids for a little bit and adutls should let us just be kids. they are lucky we are around. some kids are soo dumb and fall into pools and cant swim. dorkzoids! then they try to breathe under the water and die like a piece of shit. and some other ass heads get hit by cars since there parents bought a house close to a street. other kids get killed by like a animal when it attacks them like if a tiger would just rip a kid's dick off or if a little kid fell into a great white shark cage. LOL. what dumb people. i bet there parents wish they would have just let them be kids and eat cool cerels and candy and all kinds of good candy bars and shock tarts.

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