Thursday, June 19, 2008


one day a cool kid named jason was born. he was a cool kid and he was born with a full beard when he came out of his mom's vagina. when he was little all the kids were amezed by his cool beard and he just let it grow. kids would give him like some mony or maybe some skittles or cool candy and he would let them touch it. girls would love his beard and always wanna touch his dick. he was awesome. one day all the kids were old too and they had a beard like it. kids didnt think he was cool now and girls didnt touch his dick every second. jason was so fucking mad at the dorkzoids and he shaved his beard and all his head hair. he took all the hair and got some glue and glued it to his dick. this gave him a fur dick. the next day he went to mcdonlds were he was a boss and took his pants off and everyone looked at his fur dick. kids liked him and girls were trying to touch it to see what was up with it. he was smilng and everyone was clapping about it. after that no one tried to beat him at hair stuff or wii games.

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