Thursday, April 17, 2008


hey fans sorry i didnt update my website this week. tracy said i spented to much time playing games and computer. i went to kevs and played wii anyway. LOL! i hate when she is bitchzone.
i think my first post back should be about a dickhead named william whiteside. i tryed to tell him that his site needed updated and i even told him i liked a cat pic. but he sent me a mean email. here is our emails he is the red letters:

How nice for you

On 4/11/08, Jeffrey Paswick <> wrote:
hey monkey ass, i could rip ur head off with my bare hand and i could throw your dog across the atlantic ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Original Message ---- From: William Whiteside <> To: Jeffrey Paswick <> Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 8:22:25 AM Subject: Re: [A Little Look into William's Life] New comment on Kinda of a Crazy Picture { :.
Hey Jack ass
Piss off

On 4/10/08, Jeffrey Paswick <> wrote:
Jeffrey Paswick has left a new comment on your post "Kinda of a Crazy Picture { :":

hey idiot, updated your blog with some cool cat pics. right now this thing sucks major!

Posted by Jeffrey Paswick to A Little Look into William's Life at April 10, 2008 8:13 AM


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William is real dumb and kev is pretty mad too. here is williams blog profile:

About Me

Welcome to my blog, William Whiteside here I currently reside in Jacksonville, FL, but do hope to be moving to San Francisco, CA within the next 6 months or so. This is my first blog so please bare with me as I learn how to make everything look better with time... My good Friend GoJeffrey has a blog on here also so I will be getting a little help from him.:)

Favorite Movies

Favorite Music

this idiot has not updated his blog since deceember 27, 2007!!!!!!! he must be busy rubbingg peoples crootches. his music is dumb and tracey listens to all of that dumb stuff and some my dad. kev and me have barely herd of his favorite movies and only a mule would watch such dumb stuff. go eat horse oats william whiteside.

william whiteside if u read this today or soon send me a email IF YOU ARE A REAL MAN. if u have a wii account PM me for kev's account name and we will beat ur ASS in any game! OR IF U WANT TO FIGHT FOR REAL THEN PM ME AND WE WILL FIGHT BUT KEV IS GOING TO HELP CUZ U ARE OLD AND I AM SMALLER THAN U. BUT I COULD STILL BRING A BASEBALL BAT OR MY DAD'S WEED WHACKER! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHTS! ASSSSSSSSHOLE LOL.

go devils on tm nitght martin!!!!!!!!!!

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