Thursday, April 24, 2008

the adventurs of harry

this is a fake story i made up for english. but i added some cool stuff to it to make it good for the site.

harry brodeur was a magic man and he lived in a small house that did not evn have a door. he was so poor and did not have any vidoe games or a wii. and he had no food. this is why he worked on a farm were he grew candy for all the kids. he grew a tree that made skittles and he would ate them.
one day harry met a man named jack black and this guy was nice. jack would always be fun and he even had a cool gun. harry and jack would walk around the farm and shoot at stuff. if a animal would come to the farm and try to eat there starburst bush jack would just shoot it with his gun. sometimes parents would break into the farm and jack would shoot them too. this is what police came for cuz people were missing from the village.
harry and jack would always burie the people in cave. the cave was secret and no one knew about it accept for jack, harry and martin brodeur. one day a cop came to the farm to look for dead peeps but all he found was a gun and jack shot him in the face with it. the cop died and they threw him in a magic canister and fired it into outer space.
after that jack and harry were best freinds and they always did stuff togeher. they would always get babes and then have sex with them and they had like 4 milion kids and they all ate candy and then jack even bought a wii for every one to use but they only had 4 controllers so some kids would just play with the gun. one day a tornado came to the farm and muredreed everyone except for tommy. he was a son that was 1. the next day he played in the stanley cup for the devilss and scored 18 goals and he didnt even cry. THE END.


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hope you're enjoyin the penguins absolute dominance in the play offs. a penguin could fuck up a narwhal anyday!!!!!!!!!!!