Monday, April 7, 2008


tonight i wrote a report for my school on narwhals. we had to write a story about our favorite things. so narwhals was #1 and devils is #2. a lot of kids dont believe in them so i decided to write a story. this is probaly the best narwhal story i have ever writting:
once upon a time there was a narwhal named martin brodeur. he wasnt the hockey goalie he was a narwhal who was named after him. martin was friendly with other narwhals and he had a 2 long tusks. this is not usual for narwhals, only 1 in 500 narwhals have double tusks (wikipedia). martin would always swim around in the artic circle with his best friend brian gointa. brian is a narwhal too, but he is not that cool, he has only 1 tusk. but martin is still his friend.
one day martin met a girl narwhal who he liked. her name is jamie langenbruener. they poked holes in ice with their tusks and jamie liked martins 2 tusks a lot. then one day they had a baby narwhal. martin named it zach parise. zach parise was a small narwhal but he could swim really fast. they all would eat cod and dive up to 5000ft (wikipedia).
one day martin, jamie and zach were swimming and they saw some nice eskimos or inuits. zach swam ahead to say hello. that is when it happened! a inuit slammed a poker sword right into zachs eye and sort of through his brian. blood was everywhere and zach soon drowned in his own blood. martin was crying and jamie hugged him. then the devils won the stanley cup.
here is a picture i found that is probably what zach parise would look like after the sword:

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