Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kid Sit

tonight my dad and traci are out on a date or sometthing. they are probaly just touching privates (penis/vagina). LOL! but that means i am the man of the house. i have to watch my step little brother derrick and my sick sister heather. she isnt coghing or anything she just always has sex with guys.
my dad said kev could come over and help me watch derrick. me and kev had a blast with derrick. he's like a normal person, but like he is small and cant talk. me and kev played whirlygigs with derrick. if you are a fagot and dont know what whirlygigs is, its a game where u take a little kid or baby (derrick), stand up, hold him by his feet and then flip him. u try to flip him many times as u can. kev got 14. fans, please dont send me comments that this is bad, we played on my bed so derrick only hit the bed. he fell off twice but the one time was when we were playing jumpers. and that is going to happen cuz in that game u put a baby on the side of a bed and then jump on the bed really close to the baby. they get launched cuz they are light.
we used ice pakcs on derrick's head so he doesnt get black and blue. me and kev played cool games, but heather probaly played be a slut. ryan quince came to my house. me and kev put a soap bar in his car pipe by the trunk. our friend george said it works to make a laugh. even if his car explodes, it will still be funny for a ass.

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