Tuesday, April 22, 2008

girl list

last night kev and me made up a cool list of girls from school. so everyone who knows the girls will know but some fans wont here are some babes and some ugly people..

kirsten schell - verry hot and kev likes her too but not to date
jess b - cant give a full name cuz kevvy wevvy likes her. i think she is o k but her eyes are kind of far apart
ami lazen - a+ and kev give her a 89 he said that her eyes are too much like china
madison - hot face but her legs are really skiny and kev said that she is hard to kiss cuz of her wheelchair
kevs neyboor - biggg boobs and we kind a saw them at kevs back yard

ugly people
rebeka yaris - i always hid my lunch from her but she never ate it she is nice though as a talker
vanesa rijose? - her beard is there to see and she always semells like soup or something gay
stephanie tasler - kev said her face is nice but it needs cut off and put on a hot peep
linds g - hahahaha! she ate her sister we think but she said she died in a car accident! LOL
amy greir - BARF!!!!!!!!!

we are going to add some peeps to it soon but this is start. fans - PM me some more.

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