Wednesday, April 9, 2008

rangers sux!

to every peep from the rangers blog, suck my dick! !!!!!! LOL!! GO DEVS!!!!

watch teh devils tonight at kevs!!!!! martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last year me and kev got a beer from dom. dom is kevs dad and he gave it to us on a mets game. we were real drunk and kev said it was the worst he ever was.

and u peeps on the rangers blogs stop sending me emails!!!! I AM A KID and the DEVILS ARE MY TEAM!!!!!!

here is a precidtion for the game: the devils will win it by 5 and martin will have 46 saves. zach parisee will have 4 goals and gointa will take his stick and poke it into jarg's asshole. ahahahahaha, kev made that up. i hope at least one ranger dies during the game, like 1 period or 3 period.
go devils! that monkey will murder you if tell a soul about my blog!! that means you brian izzo!!


Brian Izzo said...

I'm telling Peter and Tracy! Dorkzoid!

Jeffrey Paswick said...

if this really is u brian i hope u dont caus i am getting really alot of fans i am almost at 100. but if u do tell my dad and tracy then me and kev will use ur head to play baseball and kev will use ur dick as a bat!!!!!