Wednesday, April 23, 2008

forest shit rocks with a dumb kid and tracy

monkey dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got posion ivy reall bad and now i am feel like a fagot!
this weekend i went to silioam forest and it was total dick! my unlce chris and my aunt jesie took me with tracy schleirn and they brought their dumb kid olivea who is anoying. olivea is a dumb name and sounds like a food called olivs! some other lady and my uncle mike was there but i dont know who she was. tracy was in total bitchzone and i was so furois!!!! aunt jesies dumb daghter kept throwing sticks and going so slow. i went out to find some cool stuff by a river. i went in the river and threw some rocks and then i saw real tiny frogs and i took some big rocks and smashed them real hardd. aunt jesie got in bitchzone too caus olivea got mud knees. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE THAT HAVE KIDS BRING THEM AROUND ME WHEN I AM TRYING TO DO STUFF THAT IS COOL! ASSSSSSSSSS! if i had big arms i would throw that dumb girl in the river. the worst part is i got the ivy real bad and i am shit. tracy schleirn put lotion on my legs on today and it hurts. kevs dad always puts on bleach and stuff so i put some on and tracy was in bitchzone cuz i got some on derrick and he was crying. he is a idiot was playing under the kitchen table so some got on his ear. dorkzoid! kev u should have came to siloam forest cuz there was so much stuff to be lighted on fire! LOL. heather was all sicked out by my arm but i rubbded it on her pillow!!! she will look like amy greir but with a sick red face bubbles instead of a weird eye that kind of looks at you.

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Katherine said...

awesome pics on your blog. :)