Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i just got home and i had the worst day ever!!!!!!!!!! shit!!!!!!
mrs.henderson doesnt like narwhals! she gave me a 60 % on my narwhal story, cuz she said my story is not fact. she doesnt believe in narwhals either! they are real animals with thoughts and feelings!!! they are from the artic circle which is really far north. she probably has never seen one. i am going to see a narwhal next summer my dad talked about. probaly less than 80% of peeps have seen a narwhal in their lifes. my dad peter said my story is good, but tracy said it was nice, which means that she eats her shit.
and some peeps on the senators blog are trying to fight me, becuse the devils are better. go devs! when i got home i had like 40 im's from people and 2 emails. senators peeps are like attacking me cuz im smart and have a good blog with fans. if i ever see a real senator u can believe he will be bleeding to death on the floor and i will be smiling holding his throat in my hand. cuz i ripped his head off with my bare hand. go devils!


DK said...

That test score almost sucks worse than the Devils!

Jeffrey Paswick said...

ur mom sucks on boy's dicks