Wednesday, February 27, 2008


today is the best day ever because school is closed for snow!, but its the worst day ever because heather is here and so is derrick. I have been watching derrick like all day while my sister is like whacking off upstairs and doing her hair. she probably looks like a skank! LOL.
HAHA, i just tried to let derrick type something for my blog. he's only 1 year old. i set him on my lap, but he just fell face first into the keyboard. he isnt smart. plus he really isnt my brother, he is my stepbrother.
my sister is going to be in trouble again. my stepmom tracy left for work at target and put a pizza in the oven for us. heather should have took it out, but she was too busy being slutty. and the pizza was like totally burned, she ate like one piece and i tried to give my piece to derrick but he doesnt have any teeth really so its hard to bite.
my best friend kevin is coming over soon, and we're going to go sledding at nathan donilos house. heather is going to be home alone if any perverts want to come and attack her! haha. LMAO.
i gotta go cuz i gotta put derricks coat and boots on him and put him in a plastic bag so he is easier to carry over to nathan's house. seacrest out!

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