Monday, February 25, 2008


hey peeps! my first story is going to be about my best friend ever. his name is kevin mcavoy. he is in my grade and is my friend. he lives on meridian way and that is right outside my track. we always do great stuff and have a good time.
the best story of all time was when this summer we were at his house. we played halo for like a million hours and then we were bored so we went to his basement. his dad has a lot of guns in a case, prolly cause he is really fat and cant run away from crooks. kevin showed me a really big gun and i told him we should shoot it. he said NO WAY! U IDIOT! MY DAD SAYS YOU CANT! i thought he would just be scared of making his mom mad if he broke something in the house.
so we took the gun outside and went onto his deck. kevin has a really nice deck with lots of cool statues and stuff. one of them i never told my dad about cause it has a girl with her boobs showing. LOL! it really does! i searched on-line when my dad was still at work and tracy schleirn was at kohl's. this is the picture i found, kevin's dads boob statue is kind of like that but not as freaky looking. me and kevin both held the gun and pretended we were vin diesel. i told him that we should shoot something to see how awesome it could be. kevin thought it would be ok cause his dad always keeps the guns without bullets. right then i saw the nieghbors dog named flipper. he was just like pooping LOL or something and i thought it would surprise him if i shot him. so i like aimed at him and shot it. i totally missed, but i scared him. it was SOOOO LOUD! he was running like a little baby. me and kev went running into his den and looked out the window. a couple of minutes later we started to hear some sirens and cops. I SHOT A LADY! nobody knew it was us and some other freaks got in trouble. here is a pic.
kev was laughin so hard that he farted really loud, and then we played some grand theft auto with our friend bill. kevin's mom made us some totinos pizza rolls and we ate some, but bill ate most of them, cause he weights like 500lbs!!! LOL i wish we would have accidently shot bill instead of that lady. or maybe just shot flipper.
i have more stories i wanna write but i will write them later. i am gonna talk about when kevin and me smashed frogs with rocks.

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