Friday, February 29, 2008

brian izzo i hope you die

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!, i hate this mother funker! brian izzo! he rides my bus and he thinks he is cool because hes the oldest kid ever. most kids know stuff about transformers and some shows on cartoon network but this kid is so dumb. he is like 40 and has a beard. i hope he dies of old age this year.
me and kev were just riding the bus to our track and brian comes up to our seat and starts saying he heard that we like to video tape each other shitting! he said shit so loud and tina didnt even hear it. tina is the bus lady. she looks like this guy. so i tell brian the truth that it is for my website and he starts making comments about my shoes. i just got them last week and they are skechers. kev has the same ones but in navy. WHO MAKES FUN OF SOMEONE'S SHOES!?!?
luckily our stop was coming and we got up to leave and just then brian slammed his fist on my shoulder. bill harold who is our friend, but fat saw it and charged towards the bus aisle and hit into brian. and then tina was yelling and kev and me ran for the door, but brian stepped on the back of my skecher and i fell face first into the aisle. i was like kind of crying but i just got up. tina stopped the bus and was yelling at us. fat bill didnt even get in trouble because his dad cheated on his mom last year so he lives with his mom and she works so she wasnt home to yell.
i seriously hope that brian izzo gets hit by a train or maybe like some bears eat him. that would be a great thrill. i am sick of that kid. plus my skechers are like all scuffed up and the back is kind of dirty. here is a picture.

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