Tuesday, February 26, 2008


heather is my sister and is 17. she lives in our duplex . she works at panera bread as a waitress and makes all kinds of crap for people. this is a picture of her. she is the dumb one on the right. usually she looks waayyyyyyyyy more slutty. my stepmom tracy calls her a little whore princess sometimes. my dad doesnt call her that. i call her rude, cause one time i woke up and another boy was in her bed. it was last year during my christmas recess and like everyone was asleep. but everyone woke up when i started yelling for my dad. i was screaming like i had a nightmare and my dad peter ran into the room. that is when he looked at heather and she was trying to find her underwear. LOL! OMG! the boy was eric tessler and he lives right near my best friend kevin. flipper is eric tessler's dog, we almost shot him. eric tessler is 24 years old too, so my dad was really mad. it was a really weird night because i saw boobs, but they werent good boobs and i saw my dad kill someone. my older brother alex and my dad buried him in the infield of manson park. that is right near my house, and this summer jason reger broke his shin when he stole 2nd base and slide right into eric tessler's shoulder. it smelled so bad and our game got delayed. JETER RULZ!!!

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