Thursday, February 28, 2008


basic computers!!!!! live from shrewsbury elementary its me!!!!!! i'm in my basic computers class right now with dustin evans and jason r. jason is showimg me some cool sites to link onto my blog. here is a funny site that has funny videos and shit. here is a site that has cool games. and here is a site that has funny pictures. LOL LOL the one on the bottom right looks like jessie yessir! haha. if u dont know who she is go to wikipedia and type in ugly. haha ROFL!!
if you want some more laughs check out this picture of henry g's dad. hes like mexicann or something dumb. sometimes we go to taco bell and it tastes like shit!!!
mr. kortis is our teacher and he is ok, except he's ugly and probably never saw boobs. dustin tried to get a picture of him with a web cam, but like a faggit he blocked it. mr. kortis said he knows heather, probably cause he had sex with her!LOL kortis has a poop beard, we call him "kortis the tortis" cause it looks like a bunch of turtle heads poking out of his face! lol ROFL.
i hope tracy is not bitchzone tonight, cause kev is going to show me 2 girls 1 cup! haha. don't worry you assass, i heard about it!! i will update tonight about the video cause it is blocked at school by some dorkzoids!!! plus today we are having a FUCK CONTEST at lunch!! WHOOP! kevin thought of it.
we say FUCK louder and louder and if someone quits then everyone knows that they suck a dick. if you get caught by a teacher you are still sort of cool too. :) seacrest fucking out!

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