Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mr. Boobs

hey dorkzoids!!! this is our snowman!! mr.boobs. i named him. LOL he is actually a man, but i still thought to name him mr.boobs. kevin liked it but nathan did not. derrick said nothing. he actualy doesnt have boobs he just has a cool head with a hole for a mouth. kevin said he probably eats shit with it. nathan never thinks anything is funny not even mr.boobs or when we made a cool jump for derrick to go off in his bag. the plastic bag i had him in went super fast in the snow and tomorrow after school i am going to try one out myself.
my stepmom tracy schrelin was real ticked at me cause kevin and i had derrick out in the snow. she is a slut. probably. she would be reallllly mad if she knew that me and kev threw some snowballs at him for target practice. so now im grounded for the night and kev was supposed to come over. tracy is sooooooo stupid, i am playing online wii with him anyway!!!
nathan donilo was being a little cry cry dress girl and crying cuz i hit him in the mouth with a ice ball. LOLOL i put a stone from his driveway in it and threw it so hard at his face. ahahahaha kevin was laughing. derrick was crying, but it was probaly cause i accidently left him face down in the snow. i wish a fire would happen at my house while i was at school and tracy is home. maybe derrick, just tracy. and heather.

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