Sunday, February 24, 2008

helllo world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey people!!!! my name is jeffrey paswick lol i'm 11 years old and live in shrewsbury, new jersey. my address is 21 adams way shrewsbury, nj. i live in a duplex with my dad peter and my stepmom tracy schleirn. tracy schleirn is a lady my dad married after my real mom died while she gave birth to me. her name was lisa. i always thought i killed her cuz i have a big head but my dad said that jesus killed her. there are 3 other kids in my family. my brother alex is 23 and he lives in matawan new jersy. my sister is named heather and she is 17 she lives at home. there is also another boy in my family. his name is derrick and my dad didnt help to make him. he is tracy schleirn's kid and he is only 1 year old. here is a picture of hiM look how stupid his head looks!! lol. hahahahaha
we have a iguana at my house too his name is martin. he is named that because of the hockey goalie. here is a picture of him. pap pap is holding him, last summer my pap pap went to heaven, because he got strucked by lightning at my baseball game at manson park. it was the worst day of my whole life we won the game, but we did not go for ice cream because my pap pap was not alive.
thats everything about me! :) here is a cool picture of a narwhal its my favorite animal in the whole world :) my next favorite is a deer, here is a picture that my dad peter took.

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