Wednesday, January 28, 2009


once upon a time there was a magical iguana named quincy and he was a reptile and he worked at sears. he had scales and also had green skin. quincy was like almost all iguanas but one thing was different. and that thing was that he liked to fuck human women. this sounds like a fake thing but it is not. quincy had a best friend who is named chester who is a rhino and is also a magician. quincy and chester would always go out to there friends houses and drink some beers. one night after quincy drank 2 beers he almost died and then he saw chesters sister who is a cat and is named pam. quincy tried to make a fuck with pam but he was hurt real bad. he didnt know that pam was actually wering a mask and she really is a cactus. quincy got cactus prickers in his dick and one was even up his dick hole. LOL quincy was better in a day after he met a dick doctor named dr.boner to patch his dick with some glue.
most iguanas dont have a dick. but quincy had 1. after he fucked pam the cat who was actualy a cactus he said he never would fuck a plant or a cactus again. and then he only fucked human women. the next day he went to tj maxx and saw 40 babes to fuck. he played the piano for 2 days straight and all these babes came around to see his dick. after 2 more days he stopped playing and then told everyone to be quite. everyone was quite and then he said it was hard to pick a babe to sex so he said he would let chester pick 1. chester picked a human woman named wendy. and then quincy had a fuck with her. the next day chester and quincy died. but not from oldness. they died caus they comitted suicide.

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