Tuesday, January 6, 2009

first woodys

in math i was thinking about emily osments boobs and then that made me get a woody. then i thought about woodys. ONLY MY WOODY THOUGH! YOU DICKKKK! i wonder who the first kid ever to make a woody was. it was probaly a kid england caus they came here first. or maybe it was a indian from cleveland who was in the US before pilgrims came to the US. prob a kid saw polcahantas and got a woody and then maybe that is why indians always wear blanket underwear to cover there woodys. LOL DICKSSSSSS! that is probaly what happened. the indian was named bryan.
my first woody was cool too. i think i was a baby kind of. i dont remember it alot but i know i had a woody in 1st grade with stephanie caston. most kids prob dont even kno what was going on if they got a woody hten. but i knew. i dont think she knew caus i covered it with tyler valents folder. LOL! most kids wouldnt even kno to do that! i did!
after that time i got alot of woodys until i was 11 and then i got even more. i think kmac gets like 30 woodys a day but i always get 40. i think that alot of adults dont get woodys caus adults almost never sit down to hide them. my dad peter cuts our grass and washs the car and he runs around our track and he is always walking around or just being a dickkk standing. kids always sit down so there woodys are hided good. we eat our food and sleep and sit in school and play wii (unless you play wii sports).
stephanie caston is still hottt but she didnt make our hott list. she used to be not fat but now she is almost fat. i never get woodys around her now.

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Anonymous said...

woody's are fuckin sweeeeeet