Monday, January 5, 2009

fox news - adventures of J and kmac 2

j and kmac saw george bush and he was getting ready to run them over with a chain saw car. j was smart and grabbed a kid (aiden daniels). aiden was crying like a little baby, but kmac punched him in the head with a knife and told him to shut up! george bush came at them fast. but j was ready and took aiden daniels and threw him into the saw. the saw got stuck and was broke by aiden's gay glasses. WHAT A FAGOT!!!
GEORGE BUSH was mad and he got out of his car. then he started to wrestle with j and kmac. aiden daniels was dead. kmac took out some jars of penut butter and jelly and threw them at george bush's dick and then j took out a knife in the shape of a dick and threw it into gerge bushs ass. bush was crying and he was hurt and his dick was really hurt bad. his ass was bloody too.
then he told j and kmac that he would free the kids if they let him go. kmac said that is a good plan and j said ok. bush signed a tax that freeed all the kids in the US. KMAC was happy but J wanted to be more happy. just then j looked at bushs pants and they were a gay fagot kind that J hated! ADULT PANTS!!! NO CARGO PANTS AND NOT BAGGEY KID KIND!!!! he whirled around and stuck a partical greenade into bushs mouth. then J said 'FUCK YOU OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
j and kmac ran and ran and then it happened. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! bush exploded and his head was gone and he was finaly dead. THE KIDS WERE FREE!!!! ADULTS ARE DUMB!!!!!!!!

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fuck you!