Wednesday, February 25, 2009


today i had to take a big piss. and i had to take it real bad. so i was at school and i left the class to go take my piss. i walked in the bathroom and you know what i see! i see a total dickkkkkk taking a piss! but he was taking a piss with his pants down to the shoes!!!!!!! i saw his legs and i saw his butt cheeks on the bottom!!!!! it was a fuck dick named devin fuckin price!!!!!!!!!!!
i was about a second away from taking out a plasma rifle and firing a plasma charge into his dick hole!!! but hte dick saw i was there and pulled up his pants! i didnt even say a word but my brain was saying all kinds of awesome stuff! it was saying to make a fire on his head and to take a baseball bat and hit him in the head with it and then stick a hockey stick right up his assss! a goalie stick!!!!!!!! on the shooting end!!!!!
i went in the toilet to take my piss caus i was scared that devin was a total faget and would show his dick to me and try to trick me to touch it! i knew better.
i was taking a piss when i found something that was total bullshit!!!!!!! next to me someone was taking a humongus shit!!!!!!!! and it was a adult shit caus i heard a lot of water drops and they were loud like a lot of big turds like a adult would shit out! a big adult!!!!!! and there was alot of sounds and gronts so loud. i hurried and pissed but then i almost got out when the adult was done taking a shit! the door opened and i was soo scared it smlled like someone light a outhouse on fire that was so full of dead kids that smelled like jessie heaton. LOL. the adult was MR. HARVERD AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT HE LOOKS LIKE A ELEPHANT WHO COULD TAKE A HUMUNGUS SHIT. his face was all red and proly caus he knew i heard his grunts and i heard the water sounds of how big his shit was!!!!!!!! i just was trying to be nice and told him i wouldnt tell anyone that i heard him. he was laughing and i dont even know why. what a total weirdo! sometimes if someone gets hit by a car it is funny.


Kriss Angel - MINNNND FREAK! said...


Fart Machine said...

Finally Pas is back! Great poop story! Aldult shits are the worst!

Anonymous said...

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