Thursday, February 5, 2009

magic franky

one day on a full moon a magic narcat named franky was born in a manger. franky was a super animal caus he was the best combination. he was a narcat. that means he is my favorite animal and kmacs favorit one. his mom was a narwhal and his dad was a full grown bobcat. his mom was named mary and his dad was named walter. when he was a little narcat walter taught him to groom his fur and run very fast and also how to murder sharks or other evil predetors so he could eat them. his mom taught him how to cook the dead stuff and how to clean up when he got done murdering and eating them.
one day franky took his mom to the vagina doctor cause her vagina hole was hurting. it was from a accident with a fire hose. the doctor was a man and his parents named him doctor vagina. doctor vagina looked at her vagina and was totally scared!!! she had a disease and she was going to die in 3 minutes. franky was crying but his mom said it was OK and dont cry. then 3 minutes was up but she didnt die!! franky was happy but doctor still said she was going to die so soon. franky was angry and murdered the doctor and his hole family but teh cops couldnt find out it was him caus he wore batting gloves to kill the family.
his mom was driving him home and all of the sudden her vagina caught on fire and she burned to her death. and then the car flew off the road and ran over a bobcat. franky was crying and thought the bobcat was his dad named walter. it was a bobcat and his dad named walter. his head was cut off and he could barely talk.
franky was crying but his dad said to be happy and he said he loved him. and right before he exploded he told franky how to get a boner. the next day every girl in the whole town had a birth of a baby and all them were named harrison. every baby was a boy and named harrison. franky was smiling the whole time.


chris c said...

LOL at Dr. Vagina! Kewl JP! :) BASKETBALL????

YOUR MOM said...

You're a freaking weirdo.
Go get some professional help you little sink spitter.
You're a disgrace to us kids.

- Your Mom.

Rick said...

Bring back Quincy!
That iguana is a legend

Abercrombie said...

Jeff! QUINCY is pretty cool! bring him back for another run!