Friday, February 6, 2009


it is a friday and i should be so happy but i feel like i am a total dickkkkkkk with his dick on fire! a fire dick!!!! it is caus it is tracy schleirns birthday today and she is turning 400 years old!!!! she looks like a old bitch and she acts like a total bitch. caus she is in bitchzone 24/7!!!!! my dad peter said right when i get home that we are going to the melting pot restarant and i totally hate the place! it is packed with tons of adults and they sit and eat gay cheese like a total fagot!!!!!!! derrick is not even coming caus he is so far from a adult and i wish that my dad knew that i am a kid and will never be a adult. caus i dont wanna go either. kev i will call when it is done. the food is not even food! they have no chicken fingers! no burger! no fries!!!!! it is dick ass bitch shit cheese! and dumb fondew!!!! here is a exact story of what will happen!

DAD: ok kids it is moms birthday and she can get what she wants.
BITCH HEATHER: she isnt our real mom
ME :) : u are right but u are a slut dick toucher!

that is when i will say "night cover" and i will cloak myself.
DAD: where is jeffrey!?
my dad does not know but i just took a jar of acid and poured it into his fondue. then i blew a whistle that only dogs can hear. and some lambs. my dad takes a big bite of a fondue and he bursts on fire!!!!! and heather is screaming. tracey schleirn is just eating like a little piglet. and she uses the fire to cook a cheese piece! WHAT A BITCH!!!!! that is when the dogs get there and so do some lambs. the dogs start to bite all the adults and tracey's head is bitten off by a dog with a human head that is from a black person! heather is escaping cuz she is kind of like a kid and the dogs dont pick up her smell. then all the sudden 50 lambs bite off her mouth and chew on her face!!!!!
after it is done then i blow the whistle again and the lead lamb with a saddle comes to me and i ride on him to wendys and everyhone aat the place is my friend and they all like me. u proly think that a lamb has a worse smell than a dog so they couldnt know they heather was a kid. but u are wrong and a dickkkkkkk! caus these lambs were robot lambs and could smell and frozen peice of shit from 9 gazillion miles!! and were made to kill kids that are almost adults caus they touch dicks.
then the cops get to the melting pot and they dont see anyone there.
WHERE ARE ALL THE ADULTS??? says a dumb cop named roger.
MAYBE THEY WENT TO WATCH A RATED R MOVIE says a dumb cop who is named don.
all of the sudden a million rabbits fly into the restarant and keep punching the cops right in the dickkkk.
there dicks get soo sore and then they get huge and explode!!!!!!! DICK JUICE IS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! then it is quite and no sound. no more cops and no more adults. all the kids can be safe and come out. i am smiling like the sun and kmac hooks up a wii for some sad kids to play. the next day i get picked to be president of the world. i make a rocket and put all the adults in it and luanch it at the moon!!! it explodes and all the adults die. then i make the river made of chocolate and i also make a slide that goes from new york to the moon so a kid can have fun and look at some dead adults. all the kids like me and even some babes have a sex with me some times. :) THE END

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