Saturday, February 14, 2009


once upon a time there was a totally cool kid named corey. he had cool clothes, 2 wiis , his own tiger and tons of great babes. one day after he killed a loin with his dick he went to dairy queen to get a coke. when he got there he made a adult buy him a coke and the dumb adult did it! corey sat on a bench with 5 vbabes and drinked a coke. he drank it so fast that he acidentaly swolled the ice!!! he didnt realy care though cuz he had 2 wiis and some babes. when he got to his parents house he made his dad and mom go to sleep in the living room so that he could make some sex with 2 of these baebes in there bed room. corey got in and put his dick on the girl. all of the sudden she turned into a ice sickle!!!!!!! he froze the babe! the other babe grabbed his dick and her whole arm was frozed!!!!!!!!!! dickkkkkkkkkk! then he smacked her arm and it exploded and she died. coreys dick was hurting so bad cuz it was a freeze dick. he could make any babes or lakes or oceans or adults turn into ice!!!!!!!
that night he went around and touched everyone with his dick! first people were touching it but then they got scared so he tricked them by putting a real cool glow stick on the end of it so more people wanted to touch. after a while he drank tons of beers and like 3 or 4. then he had to take a piss. so he forgot about his dick and went to grab it. all of the sudden his hands froze!!!!!!!!then he tried to pee with no hands but his piss turned into ice and went straight into his eye ball!!!!!!!!!!!! his dick piss was frozen to his eye ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after that he had to wait until summer came so he could melt away his dick piss. but then his dick broke off and his hands. everyone made fun of him and he only had 1 babe. but that babe was blind and she couldnt feel dicks or hands caus she was dead.

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