Wednesday, February 4, 2009


kmac u never should have won today you dorkzoid!!!!!!!!!! jason ferris is such a dick fucker and he is why we lost to you!!! this kid is soooooooo bad at basketball!!!! mrs. chervnek gets mad if you dont pass it to all the kids and even if a kid is a slow dick fuck! most kids can catch a ball and make some shots but jason ferris is such a fuck!!!! ALL HE DOES IS SIT AROUND LIKE A FUCK!! he cant even reach the hoop on a shot AND HE CANT EVEN CATCH A PASS MOST OF THE TIME CAUS IT HITS THE METAL ON HIS WHEELCHAIR!!!!! MOST KIDS COULD USE SOME CROTTCHES OR SOMETHING TO MOVE AROUND BUT HE CANT CAUS HE HAS A DISESASE OR SOMETHING. HE WILL NEVER BE GOOD AT BASKETBALL CAUS HE'LL PROBLY ALWAYS BE SICK AND NOT EVEN BE ALIVE FOR ENOUGH TIME TO LEARN TO BE OK AT IT.
i think a presedent should make a rule that kids need to be able to shoot and catch a basketball or else they dont have to be passed to. and he should also have to wear his gym shorts and shirt!!!!! if i forget my stuff then i loss points caus chervnek is a DICK TOUCHER!!!!!!! jason dick wheel chair fuck gets to wear his jeans and dumb button shirt every time!!!!! WHAT A DICK!!!!!!!! IT ISNT FAIR THAT HE HAS A WHEELCHAIR AND CAN GET OUT OF GYM CLOTHES AND ALSO NOT HAVE TO RUN THE MILE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jesus, you are a little moron, aren't you?

Patch Adams said...

handicapped people FUCKIN SUCKKK. apparently so does 'anonymous' what a little jizz stain

Anonymous said...