Wednesday, December 31, 2008

how to know if a kid is actualy a adult

many kids are cool and have cool websites. but some kids are fucks or woodys or sluts or EVEN ADULTS!!!!! not every kid is a adult but every adult is a dorkzoid or fuck. D.P. is alot of those. here are some that devin price is - dorkzoid, fuck, woody and a dick and fagget and a ADULT! i need to show you fans how to know if you see a adult or if u see a kid
1 adults are old and you need to look for a ugly face. but some kids are ugly (amy greir) so u have to look at other stuff. most kids look like kids.
2 adults have beards. most adults have them. alot of kids dont have a beard except on haloween sometimes.
3 scream FUCKKKKKK and if they yell at you then they are a adult. if it is a kid they will probaly scream FUCKKKK back.
4 adults useally drive cars or trucks. they can fly planes too. some kids can do this. kids dont need to drive caus they have bikes or they are not dumb and just have there parent drive.
5 ask them to play wii and if they say NO then they are a adult or a dumb fuck! griffin holloway. LOL
6 if they say yes to play wii then ask them what there mii looks like. if they kno what a mii is then they are probaly a kid
7 ask if they want some shock tarts. a adult will not know what it is and might think it is lighting.
8 if they have a kid then they are a adult but sometimes kids have kids like mark staier's sister who is kind of fat. LOL

most kids should kno these but some kids are dumb and some kids are actualy retarded and might not kno. the best thing is to just dont talk to adults or smile at them. the only way you should smile at an adult is if u just killed there girl or if you are about to blow up there kitchen.

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