Tuesday, December 30, 2008


if u are my friend then u know that my dad named peter and my step mom named tracey schleirn grounded since june. and u know that they are total dorkzoids! if u are a fan then u didnt know. but u probaly know that i was in bitchzone!!!! i mostly played SMSB and COD on my wii caus Tracey is a dick puncher and didnt let me go to KMACS.
kids shouldnt be grounded and i think it should be illegal to ground a kid. if a kid does something that is bad that kid should pick a bad thing to happen to him. kids should chose. and not a adult. i have a cool website with 1000000000000000 fans and then some adult and kid trader turn me in. the kid trader is devin price and he is not my friend. actualy i hate him. i wish i would get a ninja swoord for chrismas and then i would sell it to a gun man and get a cool gun. then i would take the gun and put a grenade on it and give it to devin. merry chrismas dick!
i wish that my dad was cool and work as a rocket gun maker. and he could give me some rocket guns. i would kid nap gorge bush and then make all the adults free there kids. i would let kids run around and never do homework.
if someone gives me a rocket gun here is what i would do
1 free all the kids
2 make candy free and pizza
3 free gum
4 everyone that is not a adult gets wii or if they want a ps3
5 adults can either act like a kid or if they dont they will get grounded and put in a jail
6 lit all the vegtables on fire
7 burn schools
8 free twix
9 kids can drink beer like me and sometimes they can drive cars. i will keep some adults that will fly a plane and work in the wii factory

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