Monday, December 29, 2008

hello dicksssssssssssssssssss

hey dicks! it is time! i am fianlly in my blog and writing a blog post. my friends know i was gone but my fans prob think i just was being a DICK! i wasnt being a dick!!!!! MY DAD AND TRACEY SCHLEIRN WERE BEING TOTAL DICKKKKSS!
but my blog is here and i am now allowed on my computer.
sorry i was gone so long and it took me alot of time to get a post to kmac so he could post it for me.

most of the past time i have been playing wii and sometimes just having mii chats with friends i didnt see alot. i wish i was the dad and my dad was a son that was mine. the first thing i would do is ground him for a 100 years. next i would either break up with or murder tracey schleirn. then i would send heather to a bitch scool in africa and i would make derrick my vice presadent. if i was my dad i would have his bank so i would have alot of money. i would get it all and then buy more wii games, a pool, a rocket car, 10 babes and 2 narwhals to put in my pool. i would drive my dad's car to his job and i would go to bussiness meetings and make everyone play wii instead. i would also pick up babes in my car and try to have fun with them or maybe have some sex togetther. this would be my life and i would be a cool dad and not a DICK FAG DICK PUNCHER GAY FUCK ASS DICK MONKEY TIT SHIT DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tike Redman said...

Hey Jeff, Its good to have you back in action. Hopefully your parents will let you keep preaching the good gospel.