Wednesday, December 31, 2008

fox news - adventures of J and kmac

J was happy he blew up new jersey and murdered vin diesel but a giant enemy was still on earth. ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J hated adults alot and he knew that he should probaly kill most of them or at least ground thme. he also knew that adults are strong and they most are not dumb. but J is not dumb either.
he flew down to the north pole and then blew his whisel and a pack of narwhals came swimming up to him. J opened up his wii watch and messaged kmacs mii to come help.
just then a big lightning bolt came and it was kmac. he flew there on a electric dick.
we have to make a stop at my home so come with me! j jumped on a narwal and then flew to florida. there were babes everywhere and kmac had a woody. so did j and most of the girls were coming to j but some came to kmac.
j and kmac were on the beach with babes and having beer and food and fun and they did have sex. not with each other! dickkkK! with babes! :) j and kmac were tired but they were ready and went to free all the kids. kmac was like 'which adult should we dick punch or kill?'
it was tough to kno caus there were alot of adults. j was smart and he knew they had to murder a newsman first caus adults watch news and kids dont. they got a knife and made a adult drive them to new york so they could stab a newsman. kmac was scacred a little but j was so ready. he listeneed to nickelback and fall out boy while the adult drove them.
after like 2 months they got to new york and kmac said thanks to the adult for driving them. his name was jim. but j didnt even care caus he whirled around and threw a turtle shell filled with TNT into jims mouth. jim exploded and the car and then jim was a dead man.
they went into fox news and were disguysed as adults. kmac was wearing a nice suit and j had on a beard with some dumb pants. and a shirt too. j was suprised caus the adults were dumb and let them right in to the news.
j was smart and he knew what adults had fear of. he went on the tv and said this stuff 'adults a crook is stealing all the kids and he already stole them and took them to spain. so u should leave the USA and go there and find ur kids. this is real!! and the devils are the best team!' the newsman knew it was fake but he couldnt stop j and j broke the camera before they could say it was a kid saying the news. kmac threw a flash bang gernade into the news room and everyone was blind like a bat.
that was what j and kmac needed and they ran out the news. when they got to the street it was dead quite. there were no adults! 'they must have left' says kmac. then all the sudden they here a big roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. and they see 40 milion kids on harley davisons flying down the street! WE ARE FREE!!! THE KIDS ARE GOING WILD! everyone is happy and doing cool stuff. 4 kids find a adult hiding in a mailbox and start to stab him with swords. then a strong kid picks the adult up and throws him into a toys r us. all the kids run into the store and start geting ps3 and gba and wii. NO ONE CAN STOP THE KIDS! all the kids are laughing and having a party.
then all the sudden a jet car with a chainsaw on it comes flying down the street and saws 80 kids in half and cuts like 12 kids into more than half. j and kmac see that it is there enemy and it is the worst adult ever! it is georgge bush!!!!! all the kids feel fear and go to hide in a fort that they made out of wood. j and kmac just stand and look at george bush. they will fight!

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