Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jason is here!!


Jeff write another story about Jason, the kid born with a full beard.

March 7, 2009 3:55 PM

Chip Coffey said...


I was looking at your awesome site. You have amazing talents!

A while back you mentioned a puppet named Jason. I would love to learn more about this Jason.

-paranormal investigator.

March 6, 2009 11:19 AM

these are some fan mails i got and most of my fans like jason and want to hear about him. so i found another jason story and here it is. thanks fans!

jason was the only kid ever to be 2 and have a full beard. he looked like a bald man when he was 2 but he had a full beard. and he drank his moms tits for breakfast and lunch and dinner. he was a cool 2 year old kid and sometimes he even just take a shit on the ground in his house even though he knew how to take a adult shit in a toilet. jason had a nice life but then he turned 15!

when jason was 15 his beard was 4 foot long and his dick was 2. babes loved it but all the boys hated it. jasons best friend was named victor. it is actualy funny that jason even talked to victor cause he had NO beard and a zero foot dickkkkkkkkk! but they still were buds and jason would let victor watch him play wii. one day victor had a great idea that would change his life.

they needed some money but they didnt want to work to much so they thought of a awesome idea! jason decided that they would bury adults pets for money. and they would also give a funeral for the pet. it was called dead pets. the next day they made some nice suits to wear and they also made some id cards out of plastic. then they stole a shovel from a old man and walked down the street.

they knocked on every door and no adults would pay them to bury there pets. victor was dumb and he just got sad and cried. jason was smart and he knew what to do. jason bought a gun and then at night him and victor broke into every adults house and beat there pets to death!!! victor cut a snake in half with a ninja sword, jason smashed hermit crabs with a slege hammer and victor totally burned down 3 fish tanks. that night they killed 40 cats! and 10 dogs!! the next day they made 4 million dollars!!!!!!!

two weeks later jason was swimming in a pool with 90 babes on a island. 10 babes were in charge of food and 30 babes were in charge of his beard and 59 babes were in charge of his dick and one babe was in charge of cleaning up all of his poop. she was a totally ugly babe and not even a babe. she was a girl. no one ever knew that jason killed all the cats and dogs. one day a cop named Danny came up to jason and pulled out a gun.

"i know you killed pets!" said danny

"fuck animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed jason

all of the sudden a flock of swans flied out of jasons beard and right into dannys dick!!!!! he tried to shoot the swans but instead he shot his dick right off!!!!!!!

from that day on danny always peed right in his pants caus he had no dick. jason would always laugh about it and then just comb his beard some more. his beard is red and pretty long.


Cory Nestico said...

i have a huge red beard on my tiny ass dickkk!!!

Josh Miller said...

I have a 2 inch penis and red pubes. Come to Arlington, VA if you want to see it! Jason is awesome!


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Chip said...

What a fascinating character. Could you imagine if Jason mistook Quincy for a normal pet and tried to kill him! What a struggle that would be!

-Chip Coffey
Paranormal Investigator

Anonymous said...

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