Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hey dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

a lot of u dickkks proly thought that a predator got me or maybe even some smarty pants adult came and grounded me again. but guess what dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks and fans i was just having sex with a ton of babes. and even kmac got to have sex with some of them when i was sleeping or eating some pretzels and stuff.
i have been gone long from my website but its caus of the sex and its caus i was at the game last night and we won it! i know that everyone saw marty and he was awesome and that is why we will win the stanly cup!! everyone that plays hockey not for the devils is either a dickkkkkkkkkkkkkk or a wooooooooooooody! u can decide it!!
i decided to come back and make a cool post about what everyone likes and that is a iguana named quincy fuck.

one of the best times in the history of times is when quincy had his own tv channel and it was called FUCKKKKKKK TV. it was channel 402 and it always had a cool quincy logo on the bottom of the show. the channel was made by quincy and it had some cool shows of quincys and then also some news and some shows of king of queens. but the best show was extreme home makeoever and quincy was the host.

it was just like that show on abc but this show had quincy as the host. one episode was really nice. there was a poor family that looked like michael jordan who had just had their dad get exploded by a helicopter bomb. so it was just the mom and 2 kids who were boys. the mom was named TITS and the kids were called TOM and HORACE!
the first thing that quincy did was set their house on fire while they were still inside it!! then the cameras filmed the family running out the house fast. everyone was safe outside but then they forgot about the cat named STEVE! HE WAS DEAD AS A DICKKKKKKKKKKKKK! TOTAL BURNED! and quincy put the microphone by the window and you could hear the cat screaming PENISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS really loudly.
the next thing quincy did was set up a tent for them to live in while they made them a new house. it was a really great tent and had tons of space to lay down and even eat some chips. each kid got a bag of tostios to eat.
the next thing quincy did was buy a shotgun at a gun store. then he went around the neighborhgood and forced adults to join his construction team. then he made all the adults use their credit cards to buy cool shit for quincy and some wood boards to build a house.
they even bought him a gaming chair with a built in speaker.
after 6 months the adults had built a pretty cool house that had 5 rooms in it and a roof. quincy was sitting in his gaming chair the wholle time.
then came the day! and a huggggggggge bus was in front of the house so the family could not see it. quincy woke them up at 6 in the morning from the tent and told the dickkkkks to look at their house.
the bus driver was smiling and the adults kept telling the bus to move. but quincy was laughing. every body got quite and looked at quincy laughing. then he clapped his hands the bus driver gave a middle finger to every body in the town. all of the sudden quincy blasted off with a rockey pack and gave the middle finger to every loser in the town. he grabbed a hot babe on his way up and laughed. the bus driver pushed the button and the whole house exploded into a million pieces and even the tent! 10 adults got killed and even a gerbil that was just watching from the street. the bus driver died too but he did a favor. in 2 days everyone in the town found out that TITS was a drug lord and her kids didnt even own that cat named Steve that burned to a crisp.
quincy spent the rest of his week on jupiter with 60 babes and just had some sex and watched cartoons for 15 hours a day. if a babe complained he would just make her go hang out in the big red spot. after that no babes ever complained or stopped touching his dick

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Your blog succcckkkkkksssss!!!!!!!