Friday, March 6, 2009

great sex

fans, i made some quincy posts and real narwhal storys but now i am going to do a famous babe post. LOL

they are many babes that i like that are alive right now. A.T. / L.S. / S.M and i also like a wonderful babe. she has a real hot face and she also is famous and she even has some boobs. she is my ultimate babe and her name is ashley tisdale. if u dont know who she is then u are a DORKZOID who probaly loves to be gay 24/7. if u know who she is then i dont have to explain the sex that i want to make with her.
she was on the suite life of zack and cody and when i watch it i always wanted to change the name of the show to I HAVE A WOODY! she is also in high school musical and she is even more hotter in that movie. she was born on july 2 1985 and she is older than me but on her site she said that she loves all of her fans. this is a real babe story about when i met her last year and she wanted to make some sex with me.
"HEY! hey cute kid come over to my nice car for a minute" said a babe
"who me?" said me
"yah i saw you playing kickball and i think u are a hot man."
"i am a kid" said me
"thats ok" said the babe
i walk over to the car and it is real nice but then i see the babes face! it is ashley tisdale!!!!!
all of the sudden my woody is totally moving and i start to put on my babe moves.
"what do u want" said me

"i need to know how to get to the wal-mart" ashley tisdale said
i hurry up and get in her car and scream for her to floor it! she is scared and doesnt know why but i push her foot down with my hand and make her fly. she is still scared and i tell her that some robot kids spotted me and we need to go to her house now! she understands and drives me.

"how old are u?"
"i am 12 (i was actually 11) but i could drive this car better than ur parents."
she seemed like she was thinking about if i like to have sex.
"yes" said me
"yes what?????" said ashley
"i like sex" said me
she was sooooo embarrassed.
"i know ur thoughts" said me cause i sometimes know what people are thinking even if they dont say it or write it down.
i told her to drive me to her house. when we got to her house i saw that it was a mansion. there were 50 stateus of awesome lions everywhere. i took a picture of one and it is my desktop background now. we went into her house and the first thing that i did was tell her parents to leave. they didnt try to argue with me caus i showed them my sword that i brought in my pack. ashely was real impressed and made me a ice cream cone and a slushie. she has a dairy queen in her house. after i ate my ice cream and slushie i told her we should have some sex now caus i had to be back home caus i had baseball practice.
she clapped her hands and all of the sudden the dairy queen turned into her bed! next she put on a swim suite and then she told me to take my pants off! i was getting real charged. i said that i love her and then i went to grab her boobs. but then it happened!

all of the sudden her pap pap ran into the room with a ninja sword on and full armor. i couldnt kill him with my sword caus i took my pants off. he tried to cut off my dickkk but i ran like a cat out hte winodw and into her pool. ashley tisdale's parents are total dickkkkks and they had tigers living in the pool. i was able to kill one to death with a noodle. but then one bit me.
then i woke up in the hospitol. i looked at my arm and it was totally gone!!!! then i passed out. the next thing that happened as i woke up on a ufo! a alein had gave me a robot arm that was made special for kids. so from that day on i had a robot arm. i still have it. and i can throw a basbeall threw a human and i can punch a kid 400 miles and i have a laser setting but i never used it.ashley tisdale is a babe but her parents are total dick fuck dorkzoids! but now i have a robot arm. i wish i had a robot dickkkkk.

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Jeff write another story about Jason, the kid born with a full beard.