Tuesday, March 3, 2009



one day quincy woke up in his room. he was totally naked except for some jean shorts he got for christmas. there were 4 human women around him and they were sleeping very quitely. quincy decided to play a trick on the babes. he found a big stick and put a hook on it. then he lifted each babe up by there underpants and hung them on the fan in his room! LOL when all the babes were on the fan he clapped his hands and it happened! nickelback was blasting in the fan turned on going 500 miles per hour!!!!!!!!!! the babes didnt even have a chance to scream stop. all of the sudden one babe flew off the fan and went right into a giant dagger that quincy taped to the wall for safety. two of the babes flew off and crushed there heads together. one of the heads rolled away and the other head stayed on the ground. the last babe tried to hang on but she flew off and got ripped in 40 pieces by the fan! the other head on the ground was still alive. but it was crying and couldnt move. that head was named susan. quincy was laughing and he whistled. all of sudden a robot roomba came into the room and vaporized the head with a laser beam! the rest of susan died the next day.
quincy was feeling so happy but then he got pissed!!!!! he forgot that today was his birthday and those babes were a birthday present for him fro mhis best friend named chester! he forgot his birthday and he forgot to fuck the human women. he tried to find some parts of the babes and maybe thought he could make one super babe. but he couldnt find any boobs he liked. this was one of his worst birthdays. he called up his neighbor named mr. dickkk cause he wanted to have some fun. mr. dickk said he was tired and couldnt go out for beers or to fuck some human women. mr. dickk is a half robot half dolphin. quincy was even more fuckkkked now! so he decided to make a master plan. he went out to the store and made a human buy him a gun. then quincy rang mr.dickkks door and shot him right in the head. then he got some ice cream cake and chester took away the babes and bought him an extra nunchuck for multiplayer games.


Kenneth Pinyan said...

sweet baby jeff

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